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Cleveland, Ohio Custom Patio Builders

Creating a cozy oasis both inside and outside of your home can really make you fall in love with your property all over again. At Brian-Kyles, we want to give you that oasis, as we focus on designing exceptional outdoor spaces that enhance your existing environment.

Allow us to become your patio pavers and create your customized dream space, delivering you a relaxing environment for both you and your guests.

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When you hire our team to build an outdoor patio, you can count on us to incorporate all of your preferences and create a space that enhances your lifestyle and benefits your hobbies. Regardless of the current layout of your space, we will produce a beautiful patio that integrates seamlessly into your property.

Benefits of Building an Outdoor Patio

Additional benefits include:


  • Extending your living space – Adding an outdoor patio can help create a larger living space, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors comfortably and in style.

  • Improving leisure activities – Patios allow you to host grill parties, enjoy meals al fresco, read your favorite books in the shade, or get together with friends while enjoying the outdoor views.

  • Reducing maintenance – Installing a residential patio in your Cleveland home can reduce the need for maintenance compared to the requirements for lawns or gardens in the same space. This means that you can spend more time enjoying the outdoors and less time with upkeep.


Our Process for Building Your Cleveland Patio
As your custom patio pavers in Cleveland, we want to make sure your backyard transformation meets all of your expectations. To help make this happen, we like to follow a standard process. Since each backyard is different, know that we can make custom alterations, but our standard approach entails:

  • Designing the space, considering factors like terrain and existing structures

  • Selecting materials for your new residential patio based on your preferences

  • Preparing the site by removing any obstructions, flattening the surface, and more

  • Starting patio construction by installing cement, pavers, retaining walls, and other foundational elements

  • Adding finishing touches, such as sealing surfaces, installing outdoor kitchen appliances, or building pergolas

  • Checking that regulations and guidelines are met for cities, HOAs, and anything else

  • Providing a maintenance plan so that your yard stays looking its best

Custom patio builders in Cleveland, Ohio
custom patio builders
custom patio

Our Abilities as Your Custom Patio Builders in Cleveland

Creating a custom outdoor patio that excites you requires planning, designing, approvals, and more. However, the end result is always worth it, as it will have all of the details you hoped to see and your space can be furnished to perfection. Additionally, your patio will be unique to your backyard since it is built to your exact preferences!


Whether you like to host outdoor parties or want a space to read a book in on warm summer days, Brian-Kyles is equipped with the skills required to take on your patio installation. Discover the benefits of choosing us for your project:

  • Attentiveness – We listen closely to your wishes and expectations and incorporate them into the design of your new residential patio.

  • Vigilance – Acquiring patio installation permits can be a hassle. Allow us to take care of the city and HOA work while you focus on finding the elements you want to be incorporated into your custom patio.

  • Creativity – Both our vision and processes focus on innovation. We take pride in our ability to infuse creativity into your property design and into the way that our management functions. This allows us to create solutions that foster long-term impact and really shape your outdoor environment.

Other reasons to entrust Brian-Kyles with your custom outdoor patio installation in Cleveland include:

  • We’re a family-owned business that understands patio trends

  • Our crew of professionals is nationally trained and certified

  • We have responsive and reliable team members who provide the ultimate customer experience

  • Our team has the ability to deliver creative and innovative solutions that supply long-term impact

At Brian-Kyles, we offer our various services to many cities in the Cleveland area. We design outdoor patios for major suburbs like:

In addition to these key areas, we also are proud to provide our services to:

  • Strongsville

  • Broadview Heights

  • Brecksville

  • Richfield

  • Peninsula

  • Hudson

  • Independence

  • Seven Hills

  • Valley View

  • Sagamore Hills 

  • Medina

  • Hinckley

  • Shaker Heights

  • Beachwood

  • Pepper Pike

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Frequently Asked Questions About Patio Installation

If you are interested in patio installation in Cleveland, Ohio but want to make sure you fully understand all of its elements, we have you covered. Here are answers to some of your frequently asked questions about patios:

What are the advantages of building an outdoor patio?

As your patio pavers, we are here to beautify your backyard. This includes:

  • Making hosting easy – Patio installation can give your guests a place to spend time when you host family, friends, or neighbors for cookouts and parties

  • Adding value – By investing money into your outdoor space, you can increase its value and add curb appeal to your home

  • Promoting relaxation – Incorporating a custom outdoor patio in Cleveland can contribute to your outdoor oasis, giving you a space to relax in and enjoy the views your yard has to offer

How long does it take to build a custom outdoor patio?

There are a lot of aspects that factor into the time estimate for the completion of your Cleveland residential patio. The construction process can vary based on the size of the patio, the intricacy of the design, weather conditions, accessibility of materials, and more.

Our team will assess the needs of your property and your project’s specifics and work to create a timeline you’re happy with.

Will I need a permit to start the patio installation process?

cleveland patio

More often than not, you will need a permit to start your Cleveland patio installation project. Luckily, the builders at Brian-Kyles take care of this, as well as following any HOA regulations that are specified by your neighborhood!

What can I expect in terms of patio maintenance?

The amount of maintenance required for your custom outdoor patio will depend on the materials used in construction and the severity of the weather you face. For example, a lot of freeze-thaw cycles may lead to damage to your concrete. With this in mind, common maintenance tasks may include regular cleaning, sealing, and staining.

By regularly inspecting for damage and identifying when you need to hire professional help, your residential patio will provide you with years of enjoyment.

What are some other features I can add to my Cleveland patio?

Popular options for outdoor additions include the following:

Cleveland patio

Make Us Your Go-To Patio Pavers

​Brian-Kyles is proud to provide the Cleveland area with innovatively designed custom patios. If you are interested in learning more about our abilities in patio installation, please reach out to our talented team for a free consultation.

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