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Outdoor Firepits in Cleveland, Ohio

Whether you want to warm yourself up on crisp autumn days, roast marshmallows in the summer, or invite friends and family over for a nice evening, an outdoor firepit will add just the touch you’ve been missing to turn your backyard into a focal point of your home.

Thankfully, Brian-Kyles can customize an outdoor fireplace or firepit to match your home and what you want stylistically out of your backyard. Let our team help create you a space to enjoy with friends and family.

Why Choose a Custom Outdoor Fireplace?

Not only are custom outdoor firepits and fireplaces great additions visually, but they also add a lot of value and functionality to your space. A few reasons to add one of these to your back patio include:

  • Enjoying warmth and comfort – Outdoor firepits and fireplaces in your Cleveland home will keep you warm and toasty, providing comfort and relaxation any time you want. Whether it is a chilly spring night or a warm summer one, an outdoor fireplace can give you a great central space to meet around and enjoy the outdoors longer.

  • Boosting your curb appeal – A custom outdoor fireplace is an extremely sought-after outdoor living feature. Including one in your backyard can make your home more desirable, especially if you ever look to sell. Not to mention, fireplaces work very well to tie in the patio and other outdoor living spaces since they act as a focal point.

  • No venting required – Another great benefit to outdoor firepits and fireplaces is that they do not require any venting, so there is more flexibility in placement and installation.

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Outdoor firepits in Cleveland, Ohio
Outdoor firepits in Cleveland, Ohio

FAQs About Our Outdoor Firepits in Cleveland, Ohio

Here are some frequently asked questions our customers have had about our custom outdoor fireplaces, along with our answers.

Are there specific care instructions for maintaining my custom outdoor fireplace in Cleveland?

Yes, there are certain actions you can take to care for your custom outdoor fireplace so you can enjoy it for years to come, such as:

  • Using basic outdoor firepit tools – To keep your Cleveland outdoor firepit in top condition and maintain safety, using firepit tools is essential. Tools such as fire tongs, shovels, and pokers can help with moving logs around and keeping the fire going.

  • Always letting the fire burn itself out – Letting a fire burn itself out is ideal compared to pouring water over it because water will put stress on the surrounding structures. For a gas fire, pouring water over it will also increase the risk of breaking ceramic parts. To let an outdoor fireplace burn itself out, put a cover over the area to eliminate oxygen, stop adding logs an hour before you go inside, or separate the logs to reduce fuel.

  • Cleaning out ashes – After burning your fire, try to clean out the ashes within a couple of days to prevent damage to metal or any other surfaces. You can use the shovel from your basic outdoor fireplace tool kit to clean out the ashes.

  • Covering your firepit – Covering a firepit will prevent rust from forming on metal components and protect the pit from the elements.

Can outdoor firepits be installed on different surfaces such as a deck, patio, or lawn?

Yes, our custom outdoor fireplaces in Cleveland are versatile and can be installed on various surfaces to help enhance your backyard, as long as your deck, lawn, or patio can endure the weight and heat of the fireplace.

Depending on the surface you want the fireplace to rest on, we may need to make specific ground preparations for safety purposes. For example, if you want an outdoor fireplace installation on your Cleveland, Ohio property, we will have to clear the area to ensure there are no fire hazards and place a layer of gravel, rocks, or stone.

Our team at Brian-Kyles will consult with you about the options you have in your backyard and determine the best areas for a new custom firepit. This will help the outdoor fireplace installation process run as smoothly as possible.

What design elements can I include in my custom firepit?

Depending on what your preferred style is, Brian-Kyles can provide many different design elements for your new custom firepit in Cleveland! We use materials such as stone and brick that come in varied shapes, sizes, and colors. We’ll work with you to develop the best design so your outdoor firepit will be a great addition to your backyard.

outdoor firepits in Cleveland Ohio

Are your outdoor fireplaces suitable for all weather conditions in Cleveland, Ohio?

We know the weather in Cleveland can be unpredictable, which is why we ensure that our custom outdoor fireplaces are suitable for all weather conditions. Our firepits are made with materials that can stand up against wind, rain, and snow. We also will provide proper sealing for your firepit so that during the offseason you can have peace of mind knowing your outdoor fireplace is doing just fine during all weather conditions.

We additionally recommend conducting regular maintenance for your outdoor firepit in Cleveland so it can continue to thrive throughout the seasonal changes.

When installing a new custom firepit in Cleveland, can you design other elements, such as a new patio?

Yes, in addition to installing your new custom firepit, we can design patios, outdoor kitchens, lighting, landscaping, and more! Our experienced team can plan and craft all elements of your back patio and transform it into exactly what you’re looking for.

Outdoor firepits in Cleveland Ohio

Choose Brian-Kyles for Custom Firepits in the Cleveland Area

A couple of reasons to trust Brian-Kyles with your custom outdoor firepit in Cleveland include:

  • We are a family-owned business that understands outdoor design trends

  • Our professionals are certified and nationally trained

  • We provide the ultimate customer experience with responsive and reliable team members

  • We can deliver creative and innovative solutions to help make the impact you’re seeking

At Brian-Kyles, we offer our services to as many cities in the Cleveland area as we can. We design outdoor fireplaces for major suburbs like:

In addition to these key areas, we also provide our custom outdoor fireplace services to:

  • Strongsville

  • Broadview Heights

  • Brecksville

  • Richfield

  • Peninsula

  • Hudson

  • Independence

  • Seven Hills

  • Valley View

  • Sagamore Hills 

  • Medina

  • Hinckley

  • Shaker Heights

  • Beachwood

  • Pepper Pike

Outdoor firepits in Cleveland Ohio

Request a Quote Today for Cleveland Outdoor Firepits from Brian-Kyles

If you are interested in learning more about our capabilities with custom firepits in Cleveland, please reach out today!

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