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Water Conservation Through Our Lawn Irrigation Services

lawn irrigation services

At Brian-Kyles, part of our Commercial Landscape Management approach includes water conservation services. Our experienced team provides the best ways to use water efficiently on your property and reduce any water maintenance issues. Our lawn irrigation services are available in the Westlake, Avon, and Avon Lake areas.

If you’ve been considering lawn irrigation companies, Brian-Kyles is ready to provide sustainable strategies personalized just for you and your landscape.

Commercial Irrigation Services at Brian-Kyles

Our local, small business offers a variety of lawn irrigation services to improve your property year-round. Our commercial irrigation services are focused on maintain an existing system and keeping it functioning in top shape to maximize its life. This also decreases dependency on artificial water by making sure the system operates as it should and supplementing it when needed.

Let’s take a look at our commercial services.

Irrigation Start-Ups and Winterizations

Irrigation start-ups involve setting your water system back into action after a long winter. We want to ensure your irrigation maintenance is taken care of before you begin using your system for the season, and this will include turning on the system and conducting an inspection to ensure every component is working properly.

Once winter does roll around, it is crucial to winterize any water line in your property to prevent damage from freezing. Our professionals will drain your system and shut it down completely so you don’t have to worry about any costly repairs down the line.

Both of these services are highly recommended every year so you can be confident that your property’s irrigation services are up to date.

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Irrigation System Audits and Programming

When running your water system and determining the best practices for your property, it’s recommended to schedule an irrigation system audit and programming with Brian-Kyles so you can be confident that you are utilizing all the water you believe you are instead of wasting it.

An irrigation audit will show if your system is properly working, any potential problems that may need to be managed, and improvements you may need to increase water efficiency.

Backflow Testing

Backflow is contaminated water from human waste or chemicals that enter clean water lines instead of following its original flow. This poses a serious health risk but can easily be avoided with backflow testing.

The testing involves determining if you have a backflow issue on your property. Once the problem is identified, we can install a safety device into your pipes that will ensure water is flowing in one direction and that there is no contamination.

Pond Management

For those of you who own ponds on your property, Brian-Kyles is here to assist with any irrigation maintenance you need to ensure the pond stays looking its best. Ponds are a big part of our commercial irrigation services because as beautiful as they are, there is a lot to keep track of. This includes:

  • Preventing algae and pond weeds

  • Maintaining clear water

  • Building a good foundation around the pond

  • Taking care of fish

  • Oxygenating the water

  • Creating beautiful scenery around the pond

Our experts are experienced in creating a healthy pond that will be a welcome addition to your landscape, not an issue.

Water Features and Fountain Maintenance

If you own a fountain or other features that involve water, know that we are here to help with any maintenance so these spaces become stress-free parts of your property. Our team will check to ensure your water pump is running properly, water is clear of algae or other residue, and materials being used are running efficiently.

Depending on what kind of water feature you have, we will take time to inspect it and make sure it fits in an overall efficient water system at your property.

Other Locations We Serve as a Lawn Irrigation Company

In addition to serving the Westlake, Avon, and Avon Lake areas, we also provide services for:

  • Strongsville

  • Broadview Heights

  • Brecksville

  • Richfield
  • Valley View
  • Sagamore Hills
  • Medina
  • Hinckley
  • Peninsula

  • Hudson

  • Independence

  • Seven Hills
  • Shaker Heights
  • Beachwood
  • Pepper Pike

Choose Brian-Kyles for Your Irrigation Maintenance

Let our experts handle any lawn irrigation service you need. Contact us today to discuss your landscape and how we can improve it.

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