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Allow Landscaping Experts to Build Your Retaining Wall in Cleveland, Ohio

There’s no need to search “retaining wall near me in Cleveland” when you have Brian-Kyles. Our team takes your ideas and utilizes our expertise to develop your dreams into reality. In addition to creating an eye-catching structure, there are also other benefits when you build a retaining wall on your property. These benefits include:

  • Preventing soil from eroding and getting into your yard

  • Limiting maintenance as the walls only need deep cleaning once a year, saving you money

  • Avoiding flooding in your landscape

  • Adding more functional spaces to your yard

What Is a Retaining Wall?

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A retaining wall in landscaping is a structure designed for both aesthetic and functional purposes. In order to build a retaining wall, it is important to make sure you consult with professionals to ensure safety, functionality, and compliance with local regulations.

Retaining wall builders can help from both a design and construction standpoint. For example, retaining walls can be composed of various materials, including:

  • Concrete blocks

  • Natural stone

  • Brick

  • Wood

retaining wall

Additionally, retaining wall builders will take into account the various factors needed for stability and functionality such as the height of the wall, type of soil it will reside within, slope angle, drainage paths, and more.

The Process of Building a Retaining Wall in Cleveland, Ohio

When you decide to build a retaining wall, the process will vary depending on the size and complexity of the project. However, there are six key steps that will remain the same no matter what approach your retaining wall builders ultimately take, which are:

  1. Preparation – The area where the retaining wall will sit will need to be cleared, marked, and possibly excavated. This is also when the necessary permits will be obtained and the specifics of the wall itself will be outlined.

  2. Laying the foundation – A stable foundation is crucial to all remaining steps of building a retaining wall, as well as the integrity of the structure itself. This step may involve adding a layer of gravel, pouring concrete, or digging a trench.

  3. Construction – Once your builder ensures that each layer is level and well-aligned, they will begin stacking, pouring, and arranging the materials for your wall.

  4. Drainage – At this point your builder will follow the drainage plan for your retaining wall, installing drainage pipes or gravel to prevent water buildup behind it.

  5. Backfill – For enhanced stability, it is important to install proper backfilling such as well-compacted soil. Keep in mind you may need to backfill in layers depending on the size of the retaining wall.

  6. Final touches – After the wall has been properly built, the top caps can be installed to make sure no water seeps down through the top of the wall. The final touches also include restoring the surrounding landscape for a beautiful finish.

Retaining Wall Builders in Cleveland, Ohio

There’s no need to Google “retaining wall near me” any longer, because Brian-Kyles is your professional team of Cleveland retaining wall builders and we’re ready to get to work.

At our northeast Ohio company, we strive to provide our services to as many cities in the area as possible. Brian-Kyles is proud to build retaining walls in locations that include:

  • Independence

  • Seven Hills

  • Valley View

  • Sagamore Hills 

  • Medina

  • Hinckley

  • Shaker Heights

  • Beachwood

  • Pepper Pike

  • Avon

Retaining wall builders

Frequently Asked Questions About Retaining Walls

How do I maintain a retaining wall?

There is very little maintenance required to keep a retaining wall looking good and ensuring it is doing its job. It is recommended to perform routine checks to look for signs of erosion, cracking, and drainage issues. Additionally, vegetation and weeds should be kept away from the wall to prevent any root damage.

Do I need professional retaining wall builders?

For smaller projects, it is possible to erect a retaining wall yourself. However, for larger and more complex projects, we highly recommend consulting with a professional to build a retaining wall.

These larger projects may require a landscape architect, engineer, or architect to make sure safety is maintained and the wall follows all regulations as stipulated by your city or state.

How long does a retaining wall last?

Retaining walls that are built well can last as long as several decades, but this is dependent on many factors. The lifespan of a retaining wall can be determined by the type of material used, construction quality, maintenance, soil conditions, and more.

Are there regulations or permits needed to build a retaining wall in the Cleveland area?

The regulations or permits needed for a retaining wall will vary by location and the size of the wall itself. Make sure to consult with your retaining wall builder before starting the design and build process.

Contact Us to Build Your Cleveland Retaining Wall

As professional retaining wall builders and landscape experts, Brian-Kyles is ready to take on your next project. If you have any questions about our process or what makes us stand out from the other design companies, please contact our team today.

Let’s make your yard the best part of your home.

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