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Custom Landscape Lighting for Your Cleveland Property

Custom Landscape Lighting

Whether you are looking to light up your outdoor patio, driveway, garden, tennis court, or any other parts of your property, adding custom landscape lighting will create a distinct landscape with elegance. The team at Brian-Kyles makes it our mission to turn your property into a space that’s beautiful both day and night.

Learn more about our abilities in designing and installing landscape lighting in your Cleveland, Ohio property.

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Benefits of Including Outdoor Landscape Lighting

It goes without saying that your yard is an extension of your home and should be treated as such. Incorporating outdoor landscape lighting adds functionality, curb appeal, and safety to your backyard or patio. Additionally, strategic placement of custom landscape lighting can enhance the features of your house.

There are many other reasons to elevate the look of your property with Cleveland landscape lighting. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Heighten the aesthetics of your space – The aesthetic appeal of adding landscape lighting is limitless. Making your outdoor space glow can transform the space and encourage tranquility on those warm spring or summer nights. Not only that, but a well-lit space can allow you to see into your backyard at night, accentuating your patio, pool, and more.

  • Highlight your favorite features – Outdoor landscape lighting can be strategically placed to put emphasis on your garden, water features, or custom-built outdoor kitchen. This allows you to see your favorite architectural aspects at all times of the day.

  • Enhance safety – Adding outdoor landscape lighting to your Cleveland space can illuminate steps, pathways, and high-traffic areas like patios. This encourages safety for both you and your guests, reducing injury from tripping or falling in the darkness due to limited visibility.

  • Enforce security – Using landscape lighting can also maximize your security. Well-lit spaces can deter burglars and prevent break-ins. Additionally, lighting up areas around your home makes it easier to spot any potential trespassers.

We Serve Many Areas Surrounding Cleveland with Our Custom Landscape Lighting

Our family-owned landscaping company has been providing exceptional landscaping to northeast Ohio for over 35 years. We foster professionalism, innovation, stewardship, and sustainability in all of our projects, transforming your property into your dream space. Don’t just take our word for it; see our expertise through our gallery.

We are proud to serve the following areas with our custom landscape lighting services:

  • Amherst

  • Avon

  • Avon Lake

  • North Ridgeville

  • Oberlin

  • Rocky River

  • Westlake

  • Beachwood

  • Bay Village

  • Berea

  • Cleveland

  • Independence

  • Lakewood

  • Seven Hills

  • Greenwood

  • Indianapolis

  • Westfield

  • Carmel

  • Fishers

  • Noblesville

  • Lafayette

landscape lighting in Cleveland, Ohio

Get Custom Landscape Lighting for Your Cleveland Property Today

If you are ready to start a Cleveland, Ohio custom outdoor landscape lighting project, consult the team at Brian-Kyles and allow us to light up your outdoor space.

Be sure to get in touch with us today to request an estimate for your next outdoor project. We look forward to helping you!

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