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Outdoor Living Trends: What’s Hot in Outdoor Living Spaces for 2024

Updated: 5 days ago

outdoor living trends

Whether you're planning a backyard makeover or seeking inspiration for your next landscaping project, this article will provide valuable insights into the hottest outdoor living trends. When you work with Brian-Kyles, know that we can bring these outdoor design trends to life on your property, making it look its best!

Top Outdoor Design Trends for 2024

In 2024, the following trends are some of the most popular.

Smart Home Features

As technology evolves, so do backyard and patio design trends. In the modern era, smart home features are beginning to be incorporated into patios and backyards, making them among the top outdoor living trends for 2024. Smart home features can incorporate such elements as:

  • Smart lightbulbs – Simply screw in a smart light bulb, connect it to your Wi-Fi network, and enjoy having full control over your patio lighting with an app on your phone.

  • Smart cameras – For safety purposes, many people have begun installing smart cameras and security systems to keep an eye on their patios.

  • Smart fire pits – You can easily control the heat, flames, and smoke of your fire with a smart fire pit. Plus, these innovative fire pits use ethanol fuel, which is a renewable resource, making them environmentally friendly.

  • Smart speakers – With their great sound quality and complete control over your music, smart speakers are the perfect addition to outdoor patios.

outdoor living trends

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens have become widely popular and are being seen as a major trending outdoor living space addition in 2024. Different components you may see in an outdoor kitchen include:

  • Grills

  • Sinks

  • Cabinets

  • Refrigerators

  • Pizza ovens

  • Countertops

  • Ice makers

  • Seating

outdoor living trends

Sustainable Outdoor Furniture

The use of furniture created with mindful materials that reduce their environmental impact has been another prominent outdoor design trend in 2024. Some key aspects of sustainable outdoor furniture items that make them so popular include:

  • Eco-friendly materials – Sustainable outdoor furniture is made with materials like wood, recycled plastic, bamboo, or other materials that are responsibly manufactured.

  • Durability in all outdoor elements – Outdoor furniture made with carefully crafted materials lasts a long time, and is resistant to sunlight, moisture, and different types of moisture variations.

  • Promotion of social responsibility – Buying sustainable outdoor furniture promotes social responsibility, which is an important element for some shoppers who want to do their part for the environment.

Optimizing Key Patio Design Trends at Brian-Kyles

When designing your new patio or other backyard element, you want to work with someone you can trust. This is where we come in. Brian-Kyles is a family-owned business with extensive experience in designing outdoor living spaces, and our team has been hard at work for our customers since 1988.

Our process for building a trending outdoor living space includes:

  • Considering terrain and existing structures

  • Selecting materials based on your preferences

  • Preparing the site by removing obstructions

  • Installing cement, pavers, and other foundational elements

  • Sealing all surfaces and installing outdoor appliances such as lighting, firepits, and more

  • Ensuring that your patio meets all regulations and guidelines for your local community

  • Creating a maintenance plan so your patio lasts

Learn More About Trending Outdoor Living Spaces from Brian-Kyles

Ready to elevate your property? Contact Brian-Kyles today to implement the hottest outdoor living trends right in your backyard!

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