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Landscapers Guide: Where to Put a Pergola

Updated: Feb 20

Author: Brian Maurer

When designing your dream backyard, it is important to determine where each element should be placed to make the space usable, as well as visually appealing. That includes deciding where to put unique features such as fireplaces, outdoor seating, and pergolas.

If you are curious about where to put a pergola in your yard, as well as how to utilize your space to its greatest potential, learn more from our informational guide today!

Where to put a pergola

What Is a Pergola?

A pergola is a piece of outdoor furniture consisting of four posts and topped by beams and rafters. Pergolas can be used to designate a specific space within your yard, make a passageway, create additional privacy, and more. Pergolas also include an open wall and roof for optimal airflow.

Where to Put a Pergola in Your Yard: 4 Suggestions for Your Space

Need additional inspiration on where to put a pergola in your yard? If so, here are some suggestions that we recommend, as well as examples we feel you should consider for your next project!

1. Create a Common Space

Whether you need a place to relax with a good book, or a location to entertain your guests, a pergola is good for extending your living space while still enjoying the outdoors.

So, when it comes to where to put a pergola in your yard, we recommend adding it as an overhead feature on your deck, as part of an outdoor living space with a fireplace and T.V., or even as part of an outdoor kitchen equipped with a dining table!

2. Break Up a Big Backyard

If you are looking to design a rather large and spacious yard, it might be a good idea to incorporate the use of a pergola into the overall design. That way, you can break up and designate zones in your yard for relaxing, gathering, gardening and even playing. The use of a pergola in this sense can also increase the overall value of your home.

3. Designate a Shaded Area

When spending time outside, it is important to have an area you can use to avoid the beating sun. Especially in open backyards that receive plenty of sunshine, a pergola can be added as an extension to a patio, or one can be placed next to a pool or garden as a way to still enjoy the nicer weather while remaining cooler and covered.

4. Design a Secluded Space

Adding a pergola and additional plants to form a nook is a great way to create some much-needed privacy in your outdoor space. This is a good idea for those wanting some seclusion from their neighbors or desiring a more intimate space within their own backyard. Keep in mind that pergolas are still open at the top and sides of the structure, so it will not allow for complete privacy in your space without adding more to the pergola itself.

Want to add further seclusion to your space? If so, you can incorporate vines both on the sides and on top of your pergola to make your space more concealed from view.

Additional Tips When Setting Up a Pergola

Here are some quick tips to keep in mind when you have finally decided where to put a pergola and are starting the construction process:

  • Ensure freestanding pergolas are properly anchored to secure them from collapsing

  • Try and orient the structure facing north and south with an angle to the east to utilize the shade you receive from your pergola

  • Make sure to incorporate the appropriate lumber for your project based on your property’s needs

  • If installing your pergola in concrete, include post brackets to extend its life as well as support your posts

  • If installing your pergola in the grass, install concrete tubes and then attach the pergola posts to the tubes

For more information on the ins and outs of constructing your pergola, be sure to contact our team, as we would be happy to assist you.

How Brian-Kyles Can Help When Deciding Where to Put a Pergola

Our team at Brian-Kyles has over 35 years of experience creating custom landscape designs and providing commercial and residential landscape maintenance across northeast Ohio and some parts of Indiana. Our team’s goal is to work passionately with you to ensure that your landscaping and design projects are properly handled with care and completed to their fullest potential.

When working with us, you will also be assigned a dedicated account manager who will communicate with you through each step of the design process. We also consistently train our staff on the latest in landscape design to keep their skills and expertise fully up to date.

Looking for a Custom Pergola for Your Living Space? Contact Us Today!

If you plan on taking any of our suggestions on where to put a pergola in your yard and apply them to your living space, let the team at Brian-Kyles assist you with your next project.

Contact our team of experts today to get started or if you have any questions regarding our pergola services.

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