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Stamped Concrete Patio vs Paver Patio: Which One Is Right For You?

Updated: Feb 20

Author: Brian Maurer

The Key Differences and See The End Result

A stamped concrete patio is a great investment for a home or business – a patio that will last for many years. The patio can be designed to look like brick, flagstone, cobblestone, or even as a replica of a patterned brick. Stamped concrete patios are a great way to bring people together as they offer space for entertainment, relaxation, and socializing.

Justin David, a production manager who oversees landscape design construction crews at Brian-Kyles Landscapes of Distinction, recently completed a massive stamped concrete patio project at Don’s Pomeroy House in Strongsville, Ohio.

Justin David, Production Manager at Brian-Kyles Landscapes of Distinction talks about the differences between stamped concrete patios and paver patios.

Out with the Old, In with the New

Don’s Pomeroy House is a beautifully restored, mid-19th century mansion that was turned into a restaurant in 1980. Everything about the place is exceptional. From the building to their delicious menu, known for its fresh seafood and steak, it all creates a memorable experience inside. Outside, their brick paver patio needed to be replaced. Decades of Northeast Ohio winters, foot traffic, settling soil, and tree roots left a toll and that’s when Brian-Kyles Landscapes of Distinction was brought in.

The existing brick patio was torn out and 3,000 square feet of stamped concrete was installed by Brian-Kyles. When the COVID-19 pandemic made restaurants be more resourceful than ever, outdoor dining became an essential feature for restaurants to keep the doors open. During this time, Don’s Pomeroy House made the outside patio just as important as the historic building itself. Now, with the new stamped concrete patio in place. This investment will pay itself off by being a lower-maintenance patio for decades to come.

“The concrete stamp was Tuscany stone. It's a smoother finish, cleaner look, the new color adds that mood-setting to it. They went with a darker color it's just very warm and inviting,” Justin David said.

Installing Stamped Concrete Patio

Brian-Kyles Landscapes of Distinction works to complete another section of the brand new stamped concrete patio at Don's Pomeroy House in Strongsville, Ohio.

Stamped Concrete Patio VS Paver Patio

Are you a stamped concrete patio person or a paver patio person? In the end, they both look great and last a very long time. Justin explains the key differences between the two.

“At Don's Pomeroy House, we tore out a brick paver patio and replaced it with a stamped concrete patio pavers. There's a lot of maintenance involved in a paver patio then there would be with stamped concrete. The main difference between stamped concrete and paver patios is paver patios are individual bricks or blocks or natural stone laid over the top of a concrete base. Stamped concrete is just the concrete with a stamp and pressed in it that will show you a brick design, a stone design, or random cobblestones. There are a million different selections that you can go with and the color selection is pretty much endless with either one of them.”

Paver Patio with pergola in Avon Ohio

Photo of a paver patio Brian-Kyles Landscapes of Distinction installed in Avon, Ohio.

The End Result. The Desired Look

While Justin admits, he is more partial to a paver patio because he’s completed a lot of memorable paver projects throughout his career, he says you get the desired look on both. “Some people see that perfect paver and got to have it. Some people see that perfect concrete stamp and know they go to have that. Or a client sees a picture in a magazine and they see a certain look and color and they're like can you achieve that? Sure we can do that.,” Justin David said.

Which one is right for you? It boils down to the look you’re going for and your budget. Stamped concrete patios are more affordable and require less maintenance. If you have a massive area to cover in a backyard or a commercial setting, stamped concrete would be a great choice, but so would pavers.

Need help deciding or want to learn more? Please contact us and ask your Brian-Kyles dedicated landscape management team.

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